Hot wheels team up with WAX to Release physical collectibles and a Video Game

Hot Wheels, one of the most prominent toys of the last fifty years, is teaming up with WAX blockchain. This special collaboration is made feasible through Mattel Inc. Particularly, they are the owners of Hot Wheels and one of the largest children’s entertainment companies in the world. The collaboration will tie NFTs along with physical diecast cars. Besides, there is also an impending Hot Wheels Unleashed video game.

Hot Wheels x WAX Partnership

Fans of the renowned car collectibles have an option to collect both physical and web3 versions of some fantastic cars.

Thanks to the technology equipped by WAX’s vIRL (virtual in real life) technology, each token is connected to a physical replica of a Hot Wheels NFT car. Packs of seven collectible NFTs cost $25. In sum, this special auction has 5,400 NFTs up for grabs.

Officially ‘The Hot Wheels NFT Garage™ series 3’, the collection alliance with WAX offers ten licensed vehicle models across four distinct mini-collections. Each mini-collection holds between seven and eight different car models. What’s more, eleven of those models are different styles and features.

In addition, all the cars in the Hot Wheels NFT collection with WAX will represent favorites from Mattel’s impressive Hot Wheels Unleashed™ video game.

Further, these NFTs are available in five levels of rarity. These levels are Base, Rare, Premium, NFTH (Treasure Hunt), and Showroom.


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Mattel plans long-term Web3 Strategy

The move into web3 is the latest step by the legendary toymaker Mattel as they create for the future. The emergence of the metaverse, NFTs, and more has given Mattel an ideal opportunity to dash ahead with its plans for a digital transformation to future-proof the company founded in 1945.

Mattel partnering with WAX for the Hot Wheels collection also illustrates that the company is considering the long-term impact of climate change. WAX is a carbon-neutral proof of stake blockchain. It has a concept for protecting the environment in a digital age.

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