Holograph Combines LayerZero To Enable Holographic Omnichain NFTs 

Holograph has launched their NFT bridging solution with Layer Zero, which will enable NFTs to beam across blockchains with total data integrity. 


The ‘holographic omnichain’ method will allow new degrees of interoperability amongst NFT chains. 

Holograph will supply its unique bridging solution with permanent smart contract addresses and token IDs by integrating LayerZero. 

This one-of-a-kind bridging method employs LayerZero’s lightweight cross-chain communications. 

Holograph’s chief executive officer, Jeff Gluck, said, “Holograph’s omnichain NFT infrastructure delivers intriguing new use cases for artists, developers, and businesses.” We are ecstatic to collaborate with Layer Zero’s great team to launch our protocol and offer a quantum leap in blockchain interoperability.” 

The original NFT has holographically projected onto a new chain with no loss of data thanks to the absence of any ‘wrapping’ steps. 

When an NFT is bridged from one blockchain to another and gets trapped on the origin chain, this is referred to as wrapping. Consequently, a brand-new NFT is created on the destination chain. 

In practice, this procedure resembles a photocopy of an original piece of art, but with a different contract address and token ID. 

If this procedure is continued and the NFT is transferred to a third blockchain, a second “synthetic NFT” is produced. According to Holograph, this affects the ownership record and authentication tracking. 

Additionally, holographic bridging minimises the number of needed transactions to bridge an NFT. 

Thus, the method removes the need to handle different gas tokens in order to conduct transactions. 

Holographic bridging also allows authors to take advantage of the reduced transaction fees. 

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Indeed, creators are able to mint an NFT on one chain and then bridge it to another chain with higher liquidity. 

In addition, the omnichain approach permits dynamic updates to NFT parameters that are chain-specific. 

Bryan Pellegrino, CEO of LayerZero, said, “LayerZero is pleased to endorse Holograph as its cross-chain messaging platform. Their Omnichain NFT infrastructure promises to provide a seamless NFT user experience, hence onboarding the next wave of cryptocurrency consumers.” 

Ultimately, the Holograph system facilitates omnichain NFT markets. 

This will enable traders to gather NFTs from several chains without acquiring the native gas tokens for each. 

Creators, developers, and businesses have access to Holograph’s omnichain NFT interoperability infrastructure. The holographic omnichain solution, which combines LayerZero, is tasked with enabling NFT compatibility throughout the whole web3 ecosystem. 

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