Gucci is the most recent fashion brand to debut on Roblox

Gucci has opened a Gucci Town on Roblox for the first time, cementing its metaverse presence. With mini-games and even an in-game café, the “permanent digital area” will function as an engaging centre. A Gucci Garden was introduced last year, and the company has since created many different metaverse experiences, including this one. Is there a Gucci Town in the Roblox universe?

What precisely is Roblox’s Gucci Town?


Located in Gucci Town in Roblox is a central park that links to other parts of the city. Users may outfit their avatars with Gucci apparel, play mini-games, visit a café, and more in a virtual shop. Roblox’s new “layered clothing” technology appears to be utilized to create virtual outfits.

Tile Takeover and Flashlight Tag are two of the Gucci-themed games at Mini-Game Heights. Alternatively, gamers may stop by Creative Corner to take in the works of the many artists stopping by while they are in-game. In addition, this is a place where kids may even create their art. The exhibition room, named Vault Plaza, also features a collection of antique Gucci products and other brands.

Gucci’s EVP of new companies, Nicolas Oudinot, told The Verge that it all started with the community. Gucci and its customers will continue to team up in the future, “and this is how we envisage the future evolution of Gucci.”

The metaverse and Gucci

In May 2021, Gucci debuted their first immersive Roblox experience, dubbed Gucci Garden, which included a Gucci-themed aesthetic. Despite just being open for two weeks, the area reportedly garnered more than 20 million gamers in its first year.

Gucci expects that its new Gucci Town in Roblox will continue to succeed in the future. We should anticipate other businesses to follow suit as Gucci grows its metaverse presence.

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