Gucci brings Miley Cyrus in Roblox Metaverse

Miley Cyrus has officially joined the metaverse. As the face of Gucci’s Flora Gorgeous Jasmine fragrance, Cyrus’s avatar can now be seen in ‘Gucci Town’. The town is the brand’s branded parcel of virtual real estate on Roblox metaverse. This marks the first time that Gucci has teamed up with a celebrity in its ongoing efforts to boost its presence in the metaverse.

Miley’s Metaverse Avatar

Once inside the fragrance’s virtual campaign an extension of the brand’s ‘Flora Fantasy’. Here fans can walk down ‘Selfie Way’, and take selfies with Cyrus’s avatar. Further, they can also take on a number of challenges, each of which is themed on Gucci Flora, or buy a virtual bottle of the fragrance.

The popular fashion brand has been investing actively in its metaverse efforts for more than a year now. In fact, last year, the brand pitched a two-week activation on Roblox dubbed the ‘Gucci Garden Archetypes’ in celebration of its centennial. As NFTHi reported, in May 2022, it launched Gucci Town. It is basically, a virtual recreation of Vault, its physical concept store in order to establish a more physical presence in Roblox.

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The metaverse has extended a new boundary for brands striving to partner with celebrities and influencers in their marketing efforts. One thing is for sure, platforms such as Roblox make it possible for brands to pitch interactive celebrity and influencer partnerships. Instead of being limited to two-dimensional social media posts, brands can now practically recreate a celebrity in the metaverse or launch an NFT campaign in partnership with a celebrity or influencer. This helps in establishing a feeling of mutual connection between that celebrity or influencer and their fanatics.

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