Get Thor NFTs in Cinemark and Disney’s new NFT-based game

American film theatre chain Cinemark has teamed up with Disney to host an NFT-infused game to celebrate the start of Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder. 

The event began on June 28th and will operate until July 7th, the day before the movie’s official delivery time. Its assumption encloses opponents visiting the prizes on the Cinemark website or app, where they will be equipped with a pin. They can use this pin to complete on the game’s site. If inputting a winning code, players will be fed with another code which they can then redeem on NFT outlet VeVe to get a distinct version NFT founded on the blockbuster Thor: Love and Thunder film.


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Winners will be allotted on an everyday basis, with 1,000 NFTs up for grabs in the entire (meaning around 100 champions will be specified per day). The input of digital collectibles with cinema is a theory that has already been tried and tested by the likes of fellow film theatre chain AMC, who has published NFTs for fans of movies like ‘The Batman‘ and ‘Spiderman: No Way Home, as well as for its shareholders.

The attempt also emerges as an aspect of Disney’s more comprehensive principle of enhancing following generation storytelling by using a subject that mixes the physical, digital, and virtual worlds.

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