Gary Vee to receive NFT tribute

Gary Vee has been one of the early promoters of NFTs and still continues doing so. In fact, his VeeFriends NFT project ventured in May of 2021 which has led to him being celebrated as Order of the Egonauts NFT series 4 featured Egonaut.

Following in the footsteps of the three prior series Egonauts featuring Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, CZ of Binance, and Elon Musk, the Gary Vee series Egonaut pays tribute to a man who has founded a successful NFT project. The one that is bringing in not just NFT fans, collectors and traders, but families with younger children to express themselves given the nature of the project. After all, the original 268 VeeFriends were made by clarifying human traits that Vee values in characters such as gratitude gorilla or patient panda.

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Egonauts tribute to Gary Vee

Order of the Egonauts acknowledges that Gary Vee is doing as much as anyone these days to bring NFTs to the mainstream by concentrating on education in space, creating a fun and relatable NFT project for all generations, and putting forth his signature level of hands-on engagement among the VeeFriends community.

For this, he deserves tribute and the latest Egonaut series does this via playfully illustrative traits hand drawn by Egonauts artist, Moonface. These traits playfully connect to Gary’s past and present such as Vaynerchuk in VeeFriends-inspired costumes as well as traits from non-related NFT elements of his life. For instance, a miniature rabbi signifies Gary’s Ashkenazi Jewish descent, and a pair of Belarus flag glasses references his Belarusian birthplace and background such as a stadium corresponding to US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis where the first ever VeeCon was held in May of this year and brought to life the real-world utility of retaining a VeeFriends.

US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis where the first ever Veecon was held in NFT

Other backgrounds and traits contain retro video game art and sports card collectibles as an ode to Gary’s childhood period. This series continues with the tradition of Order of the Egonauts constructing a historical record through the art of the influential people in the space of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The series 4 Egonaut featuring Gary Vee will be available to the public on Wednesday, July 27th at 10am central standard time.

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