GameStop NFT Marketplace removes image referencing 9/11

GameStop’s NFT token marketplace appears to have removed an image referencing a defining moment of the 9/11 attacks.

The NFT known as the “Falling Man”, depicts one of the best-known images captured by Press photojournalist Richard Drew in New York on September 11 of a man falling to his death. Drew, who took the “falling man” image, also photographed the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

GameStop removes NFT referring to 9/11

Of the 2,753 people who died inside the World Trade Center and surrounding area that day, an estimated 100 jumped off while the towers were still standing.

The NFTs description on the website said “this one probably fell from the MIR station” in a noticeable reference to Russia’s decommissioned space station, which terminated its mission in 2001.

Regardless, the background of both the NFT and the image seized by Drew have many similarities.

According to Coinbase, the artwork’s creator, Jules, had been selling two versions of “Falling Man,” with the cheapest listed at 0.65 Ethereum or about $1,041.

GameStop reportedly vets each NFT creator. Not only is GameStop selling an NFT of the victim of a catastrophe, but it’s also a featured image when Googling “GameStop”.

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