Frida Kahlo’s art Burning Controversy draws the Mexican Governments Attention

Art collector, and Millionaire Martin Mobarak, has found himself in hot water this week after he apparently didn’t read the T&Cs of his rare art purchase. He drew the interest of the Mexican authorities after destroying a real Frida Kahlo work to fuel an NFT project.

Frida Kahlo Burnt by Martin Mobarak

Back at the end of July, Martin held a splendid ceremony featuring fire dancers, a mariachi band, and scantily clad models, during which he made a mess out of ruining Frida Kahlo, a $10m, 1944 drawing by Mexican national treasure. Basically, Martin was planning to somehow fractionalize the disintegrated acquisition into 10k non-fungible tokens, then turn the work into a collection of images & short animated videos.

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But now, Martin has found himself on the wrong side of the Mexican authorities who have taken offense at his actions, mentioning that he may have disobeyed federal laws by not seeking authorization to destroy the artwork. Mexico appointed Frida Kahlo’s works a national treasure back in 1984, indicating that the wanton destruction of her illustrations represents a criminal action while any reproduction rights stay firmly in the possession of the Bank of Mexico.

A fierce argument now rages as to whether the NFTs convey anything of value without the original illustration to back them up. Mexico’s National Institute of Fine Arts has launched an investigation into the destruction of the picture.

The Institute revealed that in Mexico, the deliberate destruction of an artistic memorial constitutes a crime in terms of the federal law on archaeological, artistic, and historical monuments and zones. All the essential information is presently being collected in order to establish with certainty that it was the destruction of the original work or a reproduction. The institute also clarified that they haven’t received any donation from Martin as he allegedly claimed to have done so to facilitate a noble cause.

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