Founder of Tron Justin Sun Shares his views on  Web3 & Decentralization

In a trailer for a documentary, Justin Sun shared his views on how cryptocurrency could become a crucial financial infrastructure across the globe. Justin Sun, who is the founder of Tron, signified that the future holds a lot of opportunities for Web3 and Decentralization.


A few statistics were also placed to show how much the crypto market has grown in valuation. The valuation has come to $2 trillion in value in five years, and the ambition is to grow it four times in the following five times. Considering this jump happens for cryptocurrencies, the value would cross $20 trillion.

Justin Sun’s insight’s into prospects of Web3 & Decentralization

Prospects of Web3 and Decentralization are endless, the statement being a minor indication of the hype that it has in the world. The craze is more common among the younger generation. People have chosen to explore cryptocurrency over reading about credit cards. Most of them have registered on a crypto exchange platform before even opening an actual bank account.

Justin Sun rightly expressed that cryptocurrency has the capacity of becoming an important financial infrastructure. What works in its favor is the leverage that blockchain provides. There is no time limit as the technology stays online 24/7, giving a massive boost to the decentralized ecosystem, which has now become Web3.

Go to a village, and there is a possibility that the internet will be available. In different words, it indicates that anyone can reach out to Web3 from any part of the world at almost zero cost. Having a gadget is still mandatory, though. The number of crypto wallets has limped closer to 250 million. Every year registers an upward activity, showing that the number will cross the mark in the coming days.

Likewise, only 25 million crypto wallets were recorded to be active in 2018. A ten times growth in almost four years is admirable. If the rate must be a factor, then there is no doubt that better wallets will open up. Several platforms are becoming observable to customers to get them on board for trading.

While experts don’t mind giving it a reasonable shot, newbies back out because of the fear of losing their hard-earned money. Platforms have wisely tackled it via the provision of permitting newly registered users to access a trial account first.

Justin Sun emphasized this part as well. Tron is presently striving to develop a new algorithmic decentralized stablecoin in the next quarter. This new stablecoin might turn out to be a game-changer for everyone. Stablecoins are known to have smaller volatility as compared to cryptocurrencies.

Users can switch at any point in time based on their confidence, beginning with the trial account. The Tron Foundation devised Tron as an operating system based on decentralized blockchain technology. TRX, the native token, was earlier on Ethereum, and it has now been relocated to Tron’s network.

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