Floyd Mayweather To Fight 1st Ever NFT Boxing Match

The first-ever NFT token boxing match is happening in Dubai at the Burj al-Arab. The fight is between two skilled fighters Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and ‘Dangerous’ Don Moore. The event will commence on May 14th. The NFT ticket holders will be provided with instant access to an exclusive live stream of the match.


Fans who own Global Titans Fight Series NFT will also receive items such as a unique Global Titans NFT ticket, limited edition 3D collectibles, a Mayweather autograph, video materials, and ten photographs that will be unleashed after the event.

The NFT may also give future utility and awards, which could potentially improve its value after the match gets finished. The tickets can be exchanged before and after the event on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible. One NFT ticket is presently available on Rarible for the price of 140 MATIC.

To view the event, users will have to link a crypto wallet like MetaMask to the platform. Afterward, they will be granted viewing access. Additional matchups of the evening include:

Badou Jack vs. Hany Atiyo

Bruno Machado vs. Anderson Silva

Ryan Ford vs. Bilal Laggoune

Delfine Persoon vs. Maïva Hamadouche

Mayweather, arguably the finest pound-for-pound boxer of all time, has come out of retirement many times for exhibition fights that if nothing else proved entertaining for boxing fans. Both the fighters, Mayweather and Moore are 45 years old.

NFTs are Growing in Boxing & Sports Arena

This may be the first time an NFT has been used for pay-per-view viewing of a world-class boxing event, but it’s far from the only NFT in boxing.

Tyson Fury the heavyweight champion of the world released a 1/1 NFT before his fight against Dilian Whyte on April 23rd, which saw him retain his title by means of a nasty uppercut in the Sixth Round itself. 

Mike Tyson has also collaborated with Binance to drop a mystery NFT Box collection that was connected to physical collectibles and merchandise. And beyond the boxing world, several sports leagues are investing heavily in the nascent technology — including the NBA, NFL, UFC, and Soccer.

By linking NFTs to IRL utilities like tickets, autographs, and limited-edition collectibles, athletes and leagues can create functional value behind digital assets.

No one can be sure if the Global Titans Fight Series NFTs will grow in value over time. But at the very least, the NFT pay-per-view ticket model appears to be a new and exciting way to watch a fight.

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