Famous Rapper Pitbull Believes NFTs Hold Promise For Musicians

Armando Pérez, famous as the rapper Pitbull, at a conference in Miami talks about cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens. Of the numerous soundbites Pitbull gave, one about NFTs stood out perfectly,

They hold a great deal of promise for musicians said, Pitbull.

The statement came as Pitbull dispatched that majority of musicians when they reach a particular height in their careers, can feel hampered by the business elements of the profession. NFT tokens allow musicians to be ingenious again says, Pitbull.

Part of the appeal of NFTs for Pitbull is that they have many diverse use cases. This allows fans to interact with recording artists using new methods. One of the examples he gave was an NFT that encourages fans to have a unique experience at a concert. He said that in the NFT space we are creating the plane as we’re flying it.

However, the rapper is still cautious about investments he makes in the NFT and Cryptocurrency space. He mentions that the NFTs and cryptocurrency are a bit like the Wild Wild West right now

According to Pitbull, NFTs might have begun as technological innovation, but when people discovered that they could earn money using NFTs, it became like “swimming in bloody water” with sharks.

Pitbull Early Web3 Investment


Pitbull is not unknown to the Web3 stage. Few years ago, he invested in a blockchain company. The investment led to his deep dive into crypto and NFTs.

He is signed with the music NFT platform OneOf. The Platform also has a contract with the Grammy’s to produce music-related NFTs.

And like Pitbull has told, the music industry has accepted NFTs as few other industries have. Some developments in Music Industry for the past year include:

  • The Bob Dylan’s Snowcrash music NFT marketplace
  • Warner Music Group partnering with Splinterlands to Provide artists with additional revenue streams
  • 3LAU’s marketplace brought in Grammy-winning DJ Diplo to sell royalties to a song
  • Kings of Leon selling an entire album as an NFT
  • Coachella used NFTs as part of its marketing strategy and gave NFTs to pass holders

In short, music NFTs will potentially cut out music industry middlemen. And because royalty contracts are made as smart contracts, musicians may regain some power that recording companies and streaming companies have stolen over the years.

To conclude, only time will tell if Pitbull’s experience with OneOf and his other investments in Web3 will be worth it or not. But there’s small doubt that NFTs could continue to disrupt the music industry and direct new ways for fans to connect with their favorite artists.

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