European hotel Riu Plaza enters metaverse

One of the most iconic hotels in Europe, the Hotel Riu Plaza España, has chosen to take its real-life 360-degree view of the beautiful city of Madrid and carry it to the AltSpace metaverse.

Riu Plaza Madrid

Now customers won’t have to book a room to relish the hotel’s historic architecture and spectacular rooftop views, they can do it virtually. The virtual world will mix natural elements too, like Michael the receptionist, who can book your room in-person or in the metaverse, as well as spaces made with digital technology.

Besides being able to visit the hotel lobby, the rooftop, and the balcony that looks out at the 100-meter-high walkway, wonders will be layered throughout the metaverse experience and first-time users will acquire a secret gift.

To build the project, RIU plaza teamed up with La Agencia Encubierta, a pioneer in digital marketing for the metaverse. With this move, RIU Hotels and Resorts is the first hotel to open in the metaverse and looks to be a front runner for the hotel industry in the Web3 space.

Joan Trian Riu, the Corporate Executive Director of RIU Hotels & Resorts, communicated that they were satisfied with the project and just starting to discover their true potential in the metaverse.

Despite the recent market crisis, Movement Remains Strong in the Metaverse

The new metaverse experience at the RIU Plaza Hotel in Madrid is impressive and the first move from an iconic hotel into the metaverse. But the hotel is clearly not the sole business that’s tying real-life places and events to virtual and augmented reality experiences.

There are several other projects that similarly tie an IRL location to a metaverse experience. Listed below are some of the most current headlines:

Much of the metaverse noise is occurring in sports, but improvements in augmented and virtual reality merged with NFTs, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency are extending how businesses connect with fans across a variety of sectors i.e. from fashion to luxury brand automobiles to hotels.

One evident benefit of the virtual experience is its inclusiveness. Let’s be honest, there are a finite number of beds at the RIU Plaza Hotel. So for those who are not lucky enough to visit the hotel in real life, this metaverse experience could be the next big thing.

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