Ethereum Merge: Buterin says 90% of work is complete

Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin affirmed that Ethereum’s developers are operating on five long-term stages that seek to improve the network’s overall abilities. The first on the schedule is the Merge, which is 90% complete and needs to be tested only on Ropsten. also expressed that the blockchain project is a lengthy process that will eventually make it more strong in many ways.

Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum Merge

Back in May NFTHi reported Buterin’s remarks on the Merge. During the ongoing annual Ethereum conference, Buterin summarized the improvements the development team is working on, which involve both short and long-term changes.

With the protocol’s long-planned switch from PoW to PoS assumed to be coming later this year, Ethereum’s co-founder remarked that most of the testing had been done. In fact, the co-founder said that the Merge is only left to be tested on Ropsten and should happen quite soon.

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Back in April NFTHi also covered the event about the 9th shadow fork going live, which meant the start of the final trial phases of the Merge. One of Ethereum’s lead developers indicated that the event could take place as early as September this year.

Buterin also added that validators will be able to begin withdrawing the ETH they had locked in deposit contracts once the Merge happens. He also mentions that after the Merge user’s will be able to build an Ethereum client that does not even understand the proof of work phase even happened.

Another phase incorporated in Ethereum’s roadmap, called the Surge, will focus on increasing the network’s scalability for rollups through sharding, Buterin clarified.

The Co-founder also stated that once this roadmap comes to an end, Ethereum will be able to process 100,000 transactions per second, which would be a significant improvement from the current limit which ranges: from 15-20. And as per the latest updates on the website, the project will The Merge will reduce energy consumption by 99.95%.

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