ENS Bidding “Joke” went sideways, and the user loses 100 ETH

An NFT collector has lost 100 ETH i.e. USD 148,665 as a consequence of a “joke” bid on one of his own Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains.


The NFT whale Franklin, who holds various valuable Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs among others, minted the ENS name stop-doing-fake-bids-its-honestly-lame-my-guy.eth and put it up for sale utilizing his secondary Ethereum wallet on Tuesday, but also put a bid of ETH 100 using his main wallet.

Afterward, he sold that ENS domain to somebody else for ETH 1.9 i.e. 2,825 in USD, and took it to Twitter to glorify his profit:

While he was busy publicizing on Twitter, the new owner of the ENS domain accepted the 100 ETH bid Franklin had placed earlier and sold the domain back to the NFT collector.

He even rejected doubts that he was “botted,” meaning an automated bot accepted the ETH 100 bid before he could withdraw it, stating that it was completely his own fault.

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After this incident, he cited that he didn’t get botted and had plenty of time to cancel the offer, he just ran to Twitter instead and mentioned that he sent the 1.9 WETH back to the person who bought it back to him. In addition, he also asserts that it is a mistake that he can’t imagine anyone else putting in the effort to make.

While NFT Twitter is mulling in on the costly mistake, investor and NFT collector DCinvestor commented that there is one lesson to be learned from this incident:

As often, NFT Twitter seems to be divided on this matter while some are considering it a joke, some a genuine mistake, and many think of it as a trading scam.

NFT Twitter on 100 ETH Joke Bid

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