Ducati to enter Web3 Space with Web3 Pro

Web3 Pro, a leading Silicon Valley-based Web3 company, has teamed up with the well-known Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati for the upcoming Web3 project.

In the forthcoming months, Web3 Pro will implement a series of actions developed through new digital aggregation spaces, NFT collections, and chances for users to participate in metaverse-based and Web3 experiences.

Ducati x Web3 Pro


The collaboration will allow Ducati to incorporate its digital strategy seamlessly, and also take benefit of new products and services that the company can offer, and create new ways to connect with fans in digital spaces.

Web3 Pro is committed to helping companies and brands devise, strategize, and sell NFTs to fans and collectors. The company utilizes proprietary procedures and software to remove the guesswork when it comes to planning and implementing an NFT strategy. The company’s services allow brands to create seamless, scalable, and easily enforced NFT and Web3 projects.

Ducati will be the first motorcycle manufacturer Web3 Pro has collaborated with. However, Web3 Pro products have become the NFT solution of choice by the automotive industry, and it has worked with companies like Lamborghini and Lotus cars also. More information about the collaboration and upcoming projects will be released in the future.

Automobile Industry is active in Web3 Space

Over the past few months, NFTHi covered several automobile manufacturers and dealers entering Web3. Some are marketing cars as NFTs, others are showcasing their vehicles in the metaverse, and others are dropping NFT collections with IRL utilities for fans and collectors.

Here are some of the interesting Web3 headlines that NFTHi had covered from the automobile industry this year:

As you can see, there’s no shortage of investment in Web3 from the automobile industry. Because blockchain technology, NFTs, and the metaverse have opened up completely new ways for brands to connect with fans, cars and companies are taking advantage of these emerging technologies.

We’ll have to wait and see if Web3 Pro and Ducati will do something novel in the Web3 space or not. But given the success of Web Pro so far in this emerging domain and the renowned reputation of Ducati, we’re looking forward to whatever they create.

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