Amazing! Dubai Supercar Start-up Sold Out its NFTs in Minutes 

The new Dubai supercar company just takes a few minutes for MContent to sell its ‘Project Black’ NFTs. In conjunction with NFT Artist Idriss B., this collection includes the first batch of NFTs owned by a globally dispersed company. 

Last Friday, April 22, the inaugural NFT series went off, with SuperCar Blondie and Arab GT presenting. The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series was sold to 12 NFT purchasers via MCcontent. 

Supercar Enthusiasts

Mercedes Supercar

Akon, Lindsey Lohan, and Snoop Dogg’s artist Idriss B, whose clientele includes Snoop Dogg, will create the NFT artwork for holders. It’s a one-month-a-year opportunity to drive a Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series. Supercar lovers are interested in this model because of its hand-built engine and high horsepower. 

MContent will resell the vehicle in a few years and divide the proceeds to its NFT holders. The Rashid Center for determined persons will get a portion of the NFT sales income from MContent. 

According to Umair Masoom, co-founder and CEO of MContent: “The Web3 is meant to bridge supply, demand, cost-effectiveness and budget gaps in a range of businesses throughout the globe.” Project Black has a starting point for selling product experiences to more consumers than it has in stock. 

The world’s largest automobile manufacturers are well established in the NFT market. The newest Aventador coupe from Lamborghini has been auctioned off with a one-to-one NFT. Additional to this, Ferrari has signed a multi-year deal with Velas Network to develop NFTs. When it came time to introduce the NFT supercars, McLaren turned to Infinite World for assistance. 

“The Web3 is meant to deliver scalable and innovative solutions to overcome the supply, demand, pricing, and financing gaps that exist across diverse sectors throughout the globe,” stated Umair Masoom, MContent Founder and CEO. 

You may start selling product experiences to more customers than you currently have in stock with our new NFT format, Project Black. For the first time, luxury asset ownership will be diversified among a wide range of brands and categories throughout the world.” 

After launching the world’s first decentralized Watch2Earn streaming platform and the world’s first Cineverse – our Cinema for the Metaverse – he said that “our invention began with the world’s first blockchain-based content financing ecosystem.” 

For the first time ever in NFT history, Idriss B, an NFT Artist, has the opportunity to participate in an event of this magnitude. The automobile is a work of art in and of itself, and not only as a notion. Because of its ferocity and force as well as its scarcity, I was compelled to sublimate it in the most effective manner.” 

It didn’t take long for him to see that the NFT aspect would push limits while also providing limitless creative opportunities for him. In addition, he said, “I wanted to represent the automobile and provide genuine value to the NFT holders” when the opportunity arose. 

‘Project Black’ utility is at the forefront, enabling luxury automobile aficionados to get behind the wheel of an AMG car they would not have otherwise had the opportunity to drive,’ stated Anas Bhurtun CEO of Arts Dao a leading worldwide community of NFT Artists and collectors and enthusiasts. 

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