Disney’s Cheif Executive reveals the roadmap for Metaverse at D23 Expo

Walt Disney Co has outlined the contours of a plan for how the entertainment, theme parks, and consumer products conglomerates will utilize emerging technologies to enhance storytelling for the next 100 years.

Speaking at the company’s biennial D23 Expo fan convention with Chief Executive Bob Chapek took was trying to avoid what he called the “M-word,” or metaverse, despite pushing the company in that direction last year.

Bob Chapek

Chapek expressed Disney’s vision for the metaverse as next-generation storytelling. He wants to use data gleaned from theme park visits and customers’ streaming habits to deliver personalized entertainment experiences, including from the company’s  Marvel and Lucasfilm studios.

In an interview at the convention, the executive mentions that Disney is absolutely a lifestyle, and the real question is, how is their next-gen storytelling leveraging what we know about a guest uniquely in this lifestyle, then serving up unique experiences.

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Entertainment and technology companies streamed to secure a position in the virtual world after Meta Platforms Inc CEO Mark Zuckerberg informed the future of his company would be devoted to devising a robust, three-dimension persistent environment where users’ digital avatars would work, hang out and pursue their amusements.

Before Meta’s announcement, Chapek use to oversee the parks division before taking the job in 2020. The executive has spent years to figure out how to extend theme park services to people.

Disney began laying the groundwork in earnest to explore unique forms of storytelling in a year or so. It appointed veteran media and tech executive, Mike White, to handle their Next Generation Storytelling and consumer experience unit.

White has been in charge of assembling the technological toolkit for Disney’s creative executives to operate. He has also been brainstorming ideas for using augmented reality and other technology to bring a new perspective to storytelling. Chapek mentions the example of the 8-minute AR film that premiered on their platform earlier this week. He believes that the metaverse could really be a big thing in the next 5-10 years.

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