Defi Platform Marhaba Will Introduce The First Halal NFTs  

Finance portal that caters to the Muslim community The “world’s first” Shariah-compliant certification for non-fungible tokens has been developed by Marhaba. If the artwork complies with “Halal,” an Arabic phrase for what is permissible under Islamic law, NFT’s works are referred to a Shariah governing board for assessment. 

In Muslim markets, Shariah compliance is vital, yet the validity of crypto remains a hot-button issue. 

Trustless certifications like NFT-based halal compliance certificates are precisely what is needed in the industry.” Certificate forgeries are prevalent and difficult to verify in the halal food sector. 

A Sharia administrative board reviews the NFT projects submitted as part of the procedure. The panel examines Shariah Law after that. “Halal-certified” NFTs have passed the board’s review. Additionally, Sharia Experts LTD, an Islamic consulting platform for web3 projects, curates a Blockchain-minted certificate for Halal NFTs. 

Does Marhaba Truly Decentralize?? 


Marhaba considers itself to be a fully decentralized organization when it comes to its structure. Defiance is a problem, though, because of the utilization of its “Shariah compliance enforcement governance board.” 

Within a particular set of protocols, we manage some features, such as the listing and operations.” After being checked by our Islamic team, the decentralized components of our system are safe.” 

Furthermore, Mohammed said that the halal-compliant NFTs are suitable even for not adhering to Islam. MRHB continues to establish an ecosystem of Defi goods and services “particularly intended for ethics-conscious individuals such as Muslims” under Shariah Law. 

Despite the economic challenges that Islamic nations confront, Marhaba has made significant contributions to the cause of Defi in these countries. During its first public offering in 2021, Marhaba was successful in raising $5.5 million. As a direct consequence of this, it has collaborated with fourteen other companies, including Polygon, to develop the Sahal cryptocurrency halal wallet. 

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