Curzio Research Purchases Metaverse Land for $5 Million

TCG World tweeted on May 25th that it has completed a $5 million land deal with Curzio Research, a publishing business founded by Frank Curzio. In the most current reports, this is the highest price for metaverse land that has ever been paid.

Curzio Research buying metaverse land

Now, Curzio Research has acquired 19 city plots in the Asian region of TCG World. Thirteen of these 256-square-meter land NFTs have dimensions of 128 meters by 128 meters. On the Binance Smart Chain, the TCG World contains 100,000 land parcels.

Frank Curzio has expressed optimism about the future of metaverse technology in recent podcasts. TCG World’s “cheap charge structure” and many options for networking, entertainment, and gaming, according to Curzio, give it significant development potential.

As a result of Curzio Research’s acquisition of TCG World, the company hopes to construct a more immersive extension of its main website. Metaverse seminars, interviews, and live events will allow Curzio Research members to network with other investors.

TCG World is set to commence in September, and Curzio Research intends to have all of its land parcels constructed before then.

The Asia sector of TCG World is home to a second prominent Wall Street-related website. WallStreetBets, a popular Reddit group, establishes its metaverse in the exact location as Curzio Research.

Virtual Land’s All-Time Highs Keep Increasing

Curzio Research has sold the most expensive piece of virtual land in TCG World. $4.3 million was invested in 2,500 Sandbox land parcels towards the end of 2021 by investment company Republic Realm.

Decentraland was stated to have sold the most expensive land NFT in history only before Republic Realm struck an agreement with The Sandbox. Site paid over $2.4 million for a large plot of property in the heart of the Decentraland’s fashion area.

In the last few months, many reports regarding celebrities, businesses, and even investment organizations have all been reported on by NFTHi for spending large sums of money to acquire property in The Sandbox and Decentraland. The following are some of the most well-known figures in the metaverses:

“Otherdeeds” from Yuga Labs, while receiving the most media attention for their record land sales, are still among the most frequently exchanged land NFTs. It was only recently that “Otherdeed #59906” became the first Otherside metaverse NFT to sell for $1 million or more.

Someone might surpass Curzio Research’s $5 million purchase of virtual property in the coming months with these high-priced virtual land transactions.

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