unravels 2022 Miami F1 Grand Prix NFTs unravels that it will drop a Formula One NFT collection ahead of the 2022 Miami Grand Prix. It said that, for 36 hours after 9 AM ET on April 18th, people with a NFT account will be able to buy NFTs representing pieces of the official Miami International Autodrome’s track. 

In addition, there will be eight Grand Prix track NFTs to choose from in its “Miami Minted” NFT collection. The Minted NFTs will also feature authentic representations of street art authorized for the upcoming race. 

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Long Term Deal Between Miami Grand Prix and
Long Term Deal Announcement Credit:

The long-term deal between F1 Miami Grand Prix and is the first commercial partnership to be announced in the build-up to the inaugural event that will take place on the new 5.41km circuit in Miami Gardens. The Miami International Autodrome will be the 11th different venue in the United States to host a World Championship F1 race and will form round five of this year’s campaign on the weekend of May 6-8, 2022.

8 Minted NFTs to Full Track NFT Bonus, What’s the Angle?

There’s no cap on how many NFTs a person could buy during the minting period, however, if buyers collect all eight “Miami Minted” NFTs, they will receive an exclusive “full-track” NFT in their wallet. Users must have every “Miami Minted” NFT in their wallet account by 8 AM ET on April 21st to get this bonus. 

Seven of the “Miami Minted” NFTs will sell for $100 per piece. The only NFT that will retail for over $100 is the “Finish Line NFT”. It is set to sell for a whopping $300 price. Customers can use crypto, credit cards, or even debit cards to buy one of these NFTs. 

8th May F1 Grand Prix Passes, What’s the catch?

Apart from their historical value, “Miami Minted” NFTs will give holders a chance to win IRL prizes. This includes a trip to Miami for the May 8th F1 Grand Prix. Nineteen people who have one track NFT in their NFT accounts could win a pair of passes to the Miami Grand Prix. In addition, they are also giving away physical art pieces representing each track segment to 80 “Miami Minted” NFT holders. 

Just like for the “full-track” NFT, people who want a chance to win these prizes will require an NFT in their wallet at 8 AM ET on April 21st. 

Motorsports Offering NFT Souvenir’s 

Motorsports fans are already aware that, this isn’t the first F1 NFT drop on’s NFT platform. As an official F1 sponsor, has given fans plenty of opportunities to pick up commemorative F1 NFTs. In fact, one of the first NFT drops on the NFT Market was “A New Era Begins,” featuring Aston-Martin F1. 

It’s not just F1 and that are dropping “high-speed” NFTs as a Souvenir. NASCAR dropped its first memorializing ticket NFTs at the 2022 Daytona 500. Also, there are certain reports emphasizing that Tom Brady’s NFT market Autograph will mint NFTs for this year’s Indy 500.

A few months back, the Munich-born racer Laura-Marie Geissler also announced a race-themed NFT collection called “LMG GT No.1.” With the assistance of Unblocked and Creative Agency Amsterdam Berlin, Geissler is selling helmet and suit NFTs not to mention one rare car NFT to fund her 2022 season. 

No matter what racing event fans most enjoy watching, there’s probably an NFT collection connected to it for them. 

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