Cristiano Ronaldo and Binance have partnered to “change the NFT game” 

Cristiano Ronaldo, a legendary athlete, and the worldwide athletic star have partnered with Binance to alter the NFT game!  

The biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world revealed that the celebrity has inked an exclusive multi-year NFT agreement. Does this imply that CR7 NFTs are imminent? Let’s examine every aspect. 


Cristiano Ronaldo revealed the agreement in a video posted to his social media accounts. Significantly, the renowned player has one of the greatest social media followings in the world. As an example, his Twitter and Instagram profiles have a staggering total of 560 million followers. 

Similarly, the video has had 5.7 million views on Instagram and 1.8 million views on Twitter. This clearly demonstrates how influential Cristiano Ronaldo can be for Binance as they engage in this cooperation. Notably, the video itself lacks specifics. In the video, Ronaldo promises supporters that he and Binance will “transform the NFT game and move football to the next level.” 

In its own tweet announcing the relationship, Binance specifies that it is an exclusive, multi-year agreement centered on NFTs. “This is your chance to own an iconic piece of sports history and join CR7’s Web3 community,” the statement said. 

As one of the world’s most adored superstars, Cristiano Ronaldo’s introduction into the NFT market with Binance is monumental. Obviously, he is not the first major athlete to join the NFT market. Lionel Messi, Ronaldo’s chief football opponent, has also previously made inroads in the NFT/crypto area. 

The revelation of the cooperation with Cristiano Ronaldo will thrill Binance users and the broader crypto and NFT community. 

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