Breaking News! Coinbase NFT Marketplace: More than 4M People Signup On The Waitlist

Its been a month since the announcement of the Coinbase NFT marketplace.

Being one of the leading crypto exchange platforms Coinbase has already picked up over 4 million registered users for its upcoming NFT marketplace project. The soon-to-be-launched NFT platform might revolutionize NFT trading.

Coinbase NFT marketplace: Most anticipated launch in 2022

4 million+ Coinbase NFT Signup in the quest of joining the Coinbase NFT Marketplace Credit: Coinbase

As of now, there’s no official launch date for the upcoming Coinbase NFT marketplace. However, this is one of the most anticipated launches of 2022 in the NFT Space, “Create Collect Connect” is the aim.

In fact, over 4M people have already joined the Coinbase NFT waitlist and the number keeps increasing. Each registered waitlist member will be the first to know when the Coinbase NFT marketplace actually launches.

A glimpse of Coinbase NFT Marketplace

Coinbase NFT is a digital marketplace. Here a user can mint, collect, discover and showcase their NFTs, all on a single platform.

The Waitlist

After the announcement, Coinbase allowed an early registration opportunity for its user base. Users can provide their email addresses to get on the Coinbase NFT waitlist and also receive updates, especially the official launching date.

Who is eligible fot Waitlist?

18 years or older people who reside in the US, can join the waitlist. Coinbase NFT will expand to other countries in near future.

Referal Campaign

Once you sign up for the Waitlist you can move up the Ranking ladder for early access. Every referral signup Coinbase receives via your referral will push your rank on the leader board.

In short, your position on the waitlist is determined by when you actually signed up and how many people you’ve referred. 

The Doodle Partnership

Back in February, Coinbase gave NFT collectors an interesting hint. At the time, the company revealed that Doodles will become an official partner of its new marketplace.

Given that Doodles is among the popular NFT projects of the year, it wasn’t surprising. This collaboration might make the way for the upcoming marketplace’s role in the NFT trading industry.

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