Coinbase cloud unveils its Web3 platform…

Blockchain infrastructure platform Coinbase Cloud officially unveils its Web3 developer platform. This pristine platform will allow users to create new decentralized applications free of cost. 


The new developer platform, anointed “Node”, allows users to create and monitor Web3 applications while leveraging the Ethereum blockchain and indexers, the company disclosed. While Node delivers a tiered subscription model, the free plan retains access to advanced APIs that authorize the creation of decentralized applications and NFT applications.

Coinbase Cloud asserts that Node facilitates faster creation of Web3 applications while easing both complexity and cost. This provides the platform’s broader service offerings, which comprise all-in-one access to payments, identity, trading, & data infrastructure.

As the name suggests, Coinbase Cloud was developed by crypto exchange Coinbase in 2021 to supply developers with familiar tools for building decentralized products. Soon after the developer suite was founded, executives proclaimed that they want to be the AWS of crypto, referring to Amazon Web Services, which powers the industry cloud market.

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Web 3 has become an all-encompassing buzzword depicting some future version of the internet. Regardless, developers, venture capitalists, and investors have a sharp interest in identifying and cultivating what this future internet will look like past the common features of decentralization and user-controlled communities.

At the recent Australian Crypto Convention, Trust Wallet CEO Eowyn Chen conveyed three roadblocks that were preventing widespread Web 3 adoption: security, ease of use, and privacy. While she sketched some solutions, Chen stated the bear market could supply an excellent opportunity to address consumer problems before Web 3 concepts lure more mainstream awareness.

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