Coca-Cola and VeVe Partner up To Turn ‘Starlight’ Flavour Into An NFT

Mobile NFT platform VeVe recently announced a new partnership with globally popular beverage company Coca-Cola. At this time, the two companies will team up for an NFT series dedicated to Coke’s limited edition “Starlight” that was released on 17 February earlier this year. 

Be among the first to claim your piece of the #CocaColaStarlight universe when four digital collectibles drop this Sun, 10 April at 12 PM PT says VeVe on Twitter.

Limited Edition of Starlight NFT Credit: veve

Available exclusively through the VeVe app, each NFT will be available at a low price of $40.

Starlight NFTs

With pure determination and absolute innovation through marketing strategies, this beverage has become one of the most globally recognized labels since the Reagan administration.

In 1985, Coca-Cola was the first soft drink used in outer space. When astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger took a sip from the Space Can. Now, more than 36 years later, the brand is bringing the magic of outer space down to earth, through the launch of an intergalactic flavor and galaxy of immersive digital experiences.

“Experience a subtle cooling sensation as you enjoy the reddish Starlight beverage with a new, but familiar great Coca-Cola taste. Discover infinite possibilities from a new world with Coca-Cola Starlight before it’s gone.”- Coca Cola

For, those who are looking to snag their Starlight NFT can use the VeVe app on any Android or IOS device. Once the account verification is complete, simply wait for the mint day for your chance to become the new owner of a piece of Coca-Cola history.

 Insights on “Starlight”

● Coca-Cola Starlight Can: being the first product to launch in a limited series of Coca-Cola Creations, this unique packaging design features a multi-dimensional, light-filled starfield. 14,985 editions of this first appearance of Coca-Cola Starlight

● Coca-Cola Creations Footprint: Can an image move you to another galaxy? We think so! Part of the Coca-Cola Creations limited series of sparkling beverages, the Starlight “footprint” makes quite an impression. Where will your thirst for exploration and discovery take you? 8,985 editions of this first appearance of Coca-Cola Creations Footprint will be available for $40.00.

● 1985 Coca-Cola Space Can: Astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger enjoyed their Coke by sipping a specially designed Coca-Cola Space Can. Fortunately, there’s no need to suit up and prepare for zero gravity to claim this prize. So grab yours before it floats away! 2,985 editions of this first appearance of this Space-can will be available.

Intuitive solutions inside NFT trading and marketing show that Coke refuses to be left behind as the world keeps shifting towards blockchain technology. While the team continues to bring value to their company, who knows what it holds for the holders in the long run.

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