Champion of MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo Will Release NFTs

An exciting new era has begun in MotoGP Web3 racing. According to a press release, Jorge Lorenzo (X-Fuera) has teamed up with MADworld and Animoca Brands to create an NFT collection.

Jorge Lorenzo X-Fuera

Holders of an X-Fuera Rider NFT and an X-Fuera Super Bike must acquire a MADserum to merge the two vehicles. Holders will have access to playable characters and the chance to win UMAD by combining a Rider with a SuperBike. There will be four drops in total:

Drop 1: 9,999 X-Fuera Riders

Drop 2: 9,999 X-Fuera Super Bikes

Drop 2.5: MADserums

Drop 3: Jorge Lorenzo mini-helmets to pair with the NFTs

It’s an honor for Lorenzo to be working with MADworld and Animoca Brands. Aside from the NFTs being very costly, he said he would put on a show to ensure it. He wants his fans to know that he is still taking on new challenges with his new broadcasting profession and, presumably, the NFT collection.

“Fascinating” is how Robert Tran, CEO of MADworld, described the work with Lorenzo. Many athletes are geographically constrained, and he wants his organization to assist them in expanding their reach on Web3.

Additionally, Lorenzo’s Web3 debut will involve several activities. Lorenzo-related activities, memorabilia giveaways, and virtual get-togethers are just a few possibilities. Follow X-social Fuera’s media platforms and read the press release for more information on the Lorenzo NFT set. The drops have not yet been scheduled.

Web3 Is Taking Off in the Motorsports Industry

Racing has pushed right into Web3, even though the sports sector generally seems optimistic about the technology. As well as individual racers, entire teams and tournaments are becoming involved.

The Mercedes Formula One Team is a good illustration of this. With the help of FTX US, the team will issue a series of “ticket stub NFTs” for each race in which it appears. The ticket stub NFTs are free to claim; therefore, this NFT drop is unique. The sole requirement is that a user’s FTX wallet have some bitcoin.

In advance of the Miami Grand Prix in 2022, major cryptocurrency exchange plans to issue a Formula One NFT set. NFTs in the “Miami Minted” series would contain race-related street art and a choice of one of eight Grand Prix courses.

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