Carmakers Nissan and Toyota Announce Metaverse Initiatives 

Both Toyota and Honda have indicated that they use metaverse technology in their business structures. While both Nissan and Toyota use VR and AR technology, their metaverse projects seem to have distinct purposes. 

Nissan and Toyota’s Metaverse Initiatives

Nissan and Toyota Metaverse Initiatives

Nissan is reportedly particularly interested in enhancing the customer’s experience via the metaverse. Yokohama, for example, has launched a virtual showroom on the virtual reality platform VRChat. 

Nissan’s eco-friendly Ariya range is highlighted in this new virtual area, which the company’s Ginza Crossing inspired. Visitors to the virtual Nissan Crossing may learn about Nissan’s dedication to environmental stewardship and get a sneak peek at forthcoming models. 

Nissan also provided further information on their “Invisible-to-Visible” (I2V) metaverse-focused project. An I2V “augmented reality interface” that can detect data drivers can’t see in the actual world is described by Nissan on its website. “Enjoyable” and “safety” are two of the primary goals of I2V. I2V is expected to be incorporated entirely into Nissan vehicles by 2025, according to the company’s executives. 

On the other hand, Toyota seems to be more interested in exploiting the metaverse to allow its workers to work more flexible hours. Many divisions of Japan’s top carmakers have already implemented VR workstations. Attending meetings and interacting with coworkers might be accomplished via the employment of in-game avatars in these virtual workplaces. 

The COVID-19 lockdowns were recognized as a significant factor in Toyota’s decision to open metaverse offices. Toyota also claimed that its virtual workplaces would allow new workers to communicate with senior executives from other divisions. 

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Automakers from across the world are rushing to Web3 

 Automakers like Nissan and Toyota aren’t the only ones that believe in the metaverse’s potential for growth. Competitors like Hyundai, for example, have already entered into the metaverse and NFTs head first. 

 Too far, Hyundai is the only global carmaker to have established an official NFT community, replete with a Discord server and a Twitter account. Automaker Kia unveiled a new relationship with the Meta Kongz NFT line in an advertisement around a week ago. A virtual Oilbank was even created in the Zepeto metaverse before the Meta Kongz declaration by Hyundai. 

Volkswagen, the German carmaker, debuted its first metaverse-related trailer earlier this year in South Africa. The latest Polo GTI commercial, dubbed “Game On,” highlighted the vehicle’s enhanced artificial intelligence (AI). The use of vehicle safety technologies is becoming more common. Volkswagen’s commercial included hundreds of easter eggs and a call to action for South African viewers to grab NFT rewards on Facebook and Twitter. 

Also a strong proponent of NFTs, Alfa Romeo has no plans to create digital collectibles for its customers. With NFT technology, they can check the authenticity of their cars and keep track of the service they’ve had. Earlier this month, Alfa Romeo revealed that the 2023 Tonale SUV would be certified by NFT. 

A growing number of automakers are looking at Web3, particularly its metaverse and NFT components. 

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