Buzz Aldrin’s Moon Landing Jacket may Auction off for £1.6 million

Buzz Aldrin was the second person to ever walk on the Moon, and now he is selling things from the historic Apollo 11 mission and other missions. Buzz Aldrin: American Icon, a show of personal items from Aldrin’s life and work, will open at Sotheby’s on July 26, a week after the 53rd anniversary of the moon landing.

Buzz Aldrin’s stuff Open for Sale

Few things for sale will contain stuff like the space suit, which are expected to bring between £800,000 and £1.6 million. Because digital assets are just as valuable as physical ones these days, you can also get some things via NFTs.

Aldrin said in a press release that this collection is a summary of his astronaut career, from his education at West Point to his first EVA during Gemini XII to humanity’s first lunar landing on Apollo 11 when they planted the American flag and a bit more. He adds that after a lot of thought it appeared like the right time to share these artifacts with the world. For many people, they represent a historic event, but for Aldrin, they will always be private reminders of a life dedicated to science and exploration.

The actual moon jacket that Buzz Aldrin wore on the Apollo 11 mission was traded at auction by Sotheby’s.

Buzz Aldrin

This jacket went to the moon with Aldrin and also came back with him. The very strange coverall is made of beta fabric, which cannot catch fire. It has the NASA logo on the right side, the Apollo 11 logo on the left, and the American flag with the astronaut’s name on the left shoulder. Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins wore the same clothes as Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins, and they each had their own A7L pressure suits for the moon landing mission.

During the Apollo 11 mission, Buzz Aldrin utilized both a circuit breaker switch and a felt pen.

Space fanatics may also be curious about the famous circuit breaker switch that tripped during liftoff and the tip pen that was utilized to set it off. There’s also a hand-stitched “Go Army, Beat Navy” banner, a system activation checklist, earpieces, drink dispensers, and the original MTV “Moonman” statue made precisely for Aldrin’s famous flag-planting. Both the circuit breaker switch and the pen will have NFTs that signify to you the item and prove that it is genuine.

Online auctions are dealing with items from the first landing on the moon for crazy amounts of money.

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