Buy the Dip Coin List for Crypto-Traders in Metaverse

Decentraland (MANA), ApeCoin (APE), The Sandbox (SAND), Enjin (ENJ), and GALA – metaverse coins were the best gainers on the 19th of May since the May 12th Bitcoin crashed to $26,000.

Buy the Dip Coins

For those who are wondering what is the best coin dip to buy, generally betting on strength is the best play here– rather than trying to buy coins still that are still in the red, and lagging behind the rest of the crypto market.

These five coins bounced hardest – MANA, GALA, APE, SAND, and ENJ. making them the best coins to buy in the dip, after this week’s market crash

Best Coin to Buy in the Dip

The current market leader among metaverse coins is MANA. This coin regime is the Decentraland metaverse. MANA may be the best suitable coin for you to buy in the dip.

MANA 1 Week Price Analytics

At one point we also observed ApeCoin up 40%, about the same percentage gain. The exact pump percentage keeps fluctuating by the minute.

ApeCoin Price Analytics

The metaverse and NFTs are different emerging asset classes from the rest of cryptocurrency. They are not moving anywhere even if BTC is flammable and corrected in the short-term period.

Nothing moves down in a straight line, and every large crypto crash like this week in early May ends in a sea of green, as many of the best altcoins jump by double-digit percentages, offering a high ROI if you can purchase near the bottom. Buy when there’s blood on the streets, as Baron Rothschild stated.

Bear in mind a strong bounce doesn’t always exhibit the start of a new bull run – it can be a dead cat bounce that retraces. It may take time for a new bull market to come in the remainder of 2022, if it does – so take profit on the cryptos you buy on the dip on the way up.

Is it Time to invest some money during the Crypto Dip?

Some considerable crypto traders are foretelling that Bitcoin will eventually hit around $20,000. After a big move bottoms can take time to form.

However, the same traders also note a short-term move up to around $38,000 for Bitcoin is feasible, even if the crypto dip continues after that. ‘Should I buy the crypto dip’ eventually depends on your wish for risk.

SAND 1 Week Price Analytics

What happens if you buy in the dip?

If you do buy the dip scale out of your position slowly by setting limit orders to sell the rally every 5-10% until you’ve recovered most of your investment, then let the rest ride as a ‘moon bag’ in case Bitcoin does continue to the upside and set new all-time highs in the market history.

GALA 1 Week Analytics
ENJ 1 Week Price Analytics

How to Buy the Dip Safely

Before you buy in the dip, wait for confirmation first, i.e. some HTF (high-timeframe) candles to close green. You may miss the first 10% or so of the bounce and resulting pump but it’s also a superficial low-risk route to avoid what happened to some who tried to ‘catch a falling knife’ on Terra (LUNA) just because it was down 99% in its tragic downfall. Because, LUNA dropped another 99%, then again, and again, due to a black swan event and hyperinflation of the circulating supply. What happened to LUNA was not a normal crypto crash it was a disaster. But the Crash certainly helped other coins bounce back in the market.

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