Burberry will release NFTs for “Blankos Block Party”


The British fashion giant Burberry will release its second NFT collection on June 22 for Mythical Games’ “Blankos Block Party.” The newest Burberry NFTs will include a new unicorn avatar named “Minny B.”

According to Burberry, Minny B. is a “kind, friendly, and playful” figure who will represent the TB Summer Monogram design. The Minny B. avatar has a spiral horn and a pair of wings that allow players to fly through “Blankos Block Party.”

Burberry will also drop additional NFT items in Blankos Block Party’s marketplace and Minny B.

Burberry will also provide an NFT airdrop to anybody still holding its original Sharky B. avatar. People with a Sharky B. NFT will get a trendy NFT cap at no cost.

In 2021, Burberry introduced 750 Sharky B. NFTs for $299.99 apiece. In addition to Sharky B., Burberry produced jetpacks, shoes, and armbands as NFT for “Blankos Block Party” players.

Burberry aims to increase its position in Mythical Games’ ecosystem in addition to producing new NFTs. The fashion brand said it would establish a virtual “cabana resort” called “The Oasis,” where avatars may mingle.

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Clothing Manufacturers are Betting on Blockchain-Based Gaming

In a recent interview, Rachel Waller, a Burberry executive, said her team was pleased by the enthusiasm around their “Blankos Block Party” NFTs. Despite Waller’s assertion that only “young male consumers” would connect with Web3 avatars, she has seen “women” and others of “all ages” interacting with this game.

Burberry is not the first apparel business to see this new possibility in the blockchain gaming industry. Several of the world’s most prominent garment brands now have specialized gaming departments.

Nike is the most prominent illustration of this approach. First, Nike purchased RTFKT Studios, the developer of Clone X, in 2021. Additionally, the American sportswear company built a tremendously successful Roblox metaverse experience.

Regarding Roblox, the Italian fashion giant Gucci has just introduced the “Gucci Town” metaverse experience. “Gucci Town” provides Roblox users a location to play mini-games, snap pictures, and purchase NFTs for their in-game avatars.

Paris-based In addition, Louis Vuitton released a video game titled “Louis: The Game.” This new mobile game awards players with NFTs for learning about the history of the business. According to recent figures, 2 million individuals have already downloaded “Louis: The Game.”

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