Budweiser and Zed Run are working together on Web3 moves

ZED RUN has announced a partnership with Budweiser to bring the famous Clydesdales to the racetrack, according to an announcement made on June 6. Later this month, skins of the horses seen often in Budweiser advertising will be made available for purchase.

Budweiser & Zed Run

All individuals who purchase a Budweiser Pass will get a skin for Zed Run in the future. Rare versions contain Gold (limited to 250), Budweiser Bottle (limited to 750), and Clydesdale (1,500). Attendees of the event will also receive a t-shirt for their avatars.

It is part of a more significant sponsorship agreement between Budweiser and Zed Run, including the skin drop. In 2022, Budweiser plans to provide prize money for three events, but the deal’s financial details were not disclosed. There will be two events with $45,000 prize pools and one tournament with a prize pool of $95,000. Each of the three events is open just for the holders of the Budweiser Pass.

Virtually Human Studios co-founder Chris Laurant feels that Budweiser symbolizes the American ideal. Zed Run’s community will boost due to its partnership with the brand.

One of Anheuser-vice Busch’s presidents said the relationship with Zed Run proves that the corporation is always looking for innovative ways to improve its products. Such a strategy strives to fortify the company’s brand and provide a unique experience for its clients.

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It is hardly Budweiser’s first incursion into the Web3 domain

Although Budweiser’s deal with Zed Run is thrilling, it’s business as usual for the company. Since 2021 when it first joined the Web3 domain, it made many bold and mesmerizing movements.

The Ethereum Name Service domain “beer.eth” was its first high-profile acquisition in Web3. As the 2021 NFT was getting steam, it exploited this ENS domain in marketing tweets for Budweiser. As a fast method for Web3 advocates to identify themselves, Budweiser’s acquisition and usage of one of these domains undoubtedly earned over a few community friends.

A Tom Sachs rocket with the Budweiser logo was also bought and utilized as the company’s new Twitter profile image. Many NFT holders use their non-fungible tokens as profile pictures, so this move fit right in with the Web3 zeitgeist and solidified Budweiser’s place there.

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