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Breaking! 9Gag Ceo Ray Chan Warns People selling Memelist Wallets

Ray Chan

It’s not even been 24 hours since the Memelist giveaways for Memeland started and Ray chan the Ceo of 9Gags has warned users to be cautious while selling Memelisted Wallets before actual minting.

Memeland Memelist Giveaway

Ray Chan’s Warning on Twitter

In a series of tweets, Ray mentions what users have been doing with the meme-listed Wallets and warns them to not buy so-called wallets or sell them for thousands of dollars. Such accounts will be disqualified mentions Ray in his tweet.

Ray Chan Tweet

Ray Chan is not against the buying/selling on the secondary market but he emphasizes that they are trying to build a community and trading of Memelist wallets before minting can be harmful to the community. He also provides the repercussions of such trade in his 3rd tweet and uses the 4th tweet in a funny way to justify the warning.

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