Blockchain offers new possibilities for LGBTQ+ people in a metaverse

The Metaverse and NFTs have made it possible for individuals all around the globe to participate in different ways in celebrating Pride Month.

The Metaverse has seen a rise in the number of social gatherings as firms worldwide realize the potential of virtual interactive settings for their customers. Pride Month, a month-long commemoration of the 1969 Stonewall Riots, will be commemorated across various metaverse contexts this year, so it’s no surprise.

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Having a sense of self-worth in the Metaverse encourages openness

People Of Crypto Labs

“The Metaverse is a wonderful tool to enable individuals to engage in activities they may not be permitted to participate in otherwise,” said Akbar Hamid, co-founder of People of Crypto Lab (POC), an innovation centre focused on boosting diversity and participation in Web3. He wants Pride Month 2022 to be an event that anybody, regardless of where they live, may take part in.

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However, even though June is Pride Month, being LGBTQ+ is illegal in 71 countries. By working with The Sandbox (a blockchain-based metaverse project), POC has launched a virtual diversity, equality, and inclusiveness centre during Pride Month to counter this. Hamid said that the Valley of Belonging, a unique youth facility, will allow people from all over the globe to come together and celebrate the following:

POC’s objective with Valley of Belonging is to guarantee that each group has access to activities they may freely engage in. There has never been a more crucial moment to create a safe environment that welcomes everyone than now, considering the present context of escalating prejudice towards LGBTQIA+ and other minorities.

The 8,430 nonfungible tokens (NFT) avatars that make up the Valley of Belonging reflect many ethnic, gender, and sexual identities. L’Oreal’s NYX Professional Cosmetic subsidiary will include voxelized makeup styles in The Sandbox, helping to increase uptake even further. Decentraland’s blockchain-based Metaverse will enable users to celebrate Pride Month in 2022. Each of these venues will hold a different kind of Pride celebration the following year. Founder Sebastien Borget says the Sandbox platform takes security extremely seriously.

Dias brought up Metaverse Pride’s behavioral rules while discussing acceptable conduct. If someone is harassing you, you may put a stop to it by blocking them.

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