Bitcoin adoption in Solitare, Counter-Strike, & Snake

Playing games like Counter-Strike, Snake, and Solitaire will now allow you to earn Satoshis. Sats are the smallest pieces of Bitcoin (BTC). THNDR Games, a play-to-earn (P2E) company founded on Bitcoin, and Zebedee, a gaming platform, will reportedly change the world of gaming with the power of BTC.

It is worth mentioning here that the Lightning Network (LN), a layer-2 payment system built on top of Bitcoin, now allows for direct microtransactions of Sats to pay out to gamers anywhere in the world. The chief strategy officer at Zebedee, Ben Cousens, asserts that this truly answers a demand in gaming.

Roughly 60 % of users of THNDR Game reside in the global south. It is a periodic market for Bitcoiner firms. Emerging markets have issues with inconsistent governments, volatile currency markets, and inadequate social growth.


According to Cousens, Zebedee backs popular games like Counter-Strike: Go. It also receives BTC and LN. The company prompts social gathering places and casual games that could lure people into Bitcoin in a way that amazes them.

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The expansion of well-liked casual gaming genres also plans to introduce people to Bitcoin for THNDR, which unleashed a mobile solitaire game on Monday. They busily target female audiences and gamers in developing markets. Globally, 60% of women who play games also play mobile games daily, says Desiree Dickerson, CEO, and co-founder of THNDR Games.

Further, the gaming sector is obviously larger than the film sector. Mobile gaming is the most common type, with 2.6 billion people playing games globally. Dickerson mentions that it accounts for 60 percent of the wider gaming sector and is just expanding.

In this scenario, the asset of Bitcoin can deliver a financial lifeline to a large number of people. Thanks to almost immediate payment rails and Bitcoin-specific games, and as a protocol, it also equips a means of escape in addition to nominal financial rewards.

Cousens stated that Gaming and Bitcoin and Lighting are a huge onramp for BTC adoption. He further mentioned that the Philippines and Brazil are the 2 major user bases for them, both of which have robust emerging crypto approval.

Besides, Dickerson and Cousens fed examples of how gaming may familiarize individuals with BTC without setting any particular ‘ideology.’ Gaming, particularly idle gaming, is a laid-back atmosphere where players can start piling Sats, whereas the BTC and crypto communities are loaded with infighting, dunking, and told-you-so’s.

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