Binance to Leverage Google Cloud Services for Web3 and Blockchain…

Binance who devised the blockchain BNB Smart Chain has revealed a strategic partnership with Google Cloud, the cloud computing services arm of multinational tech syndicate Google. 

BNB Smart Chain & Google Cloud

The BNB Chain team is joining forces with Google Cloud to accelerate the growth of web3 and blockchain startups-ups. The partnership will allow early-stage startups in the BNB Chain ecosystem to evolve and scale high-performance, efficient, and sustainable applications with assistance from both Cloud and BNB Chain. 

Binance BNB x Google Cloud

As part of Google Cloud’s contribution to the collaboration, start-ups in the BNB Chain ecosystem can now build on its industry-grade cloud infrastructure. The platform has been characterized as open, scalable, developer-friendly, and scalable. 

The start-ups, along with the over 1,300 functional BNB Chain decentralized applications (dApps), can also have access to Google’s Cloud services for on-demand analysis of on-chain data and the encryption of data while it is being processed in real time.  

For its role, BNB Chain will promote accelerated access to Google for Startups Cloud Program for qualified Web3 builders in its ecosystem, particularly those that pass through its Most Valuable Builder (MVB) accelerator program. This will provide the startups access to connect with Google Cloud Startup Success team members and Google’s technical subject matter experts, among other benefits. 

Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director at BNB Chain, mentioned that they have been focusing on identifying and backing innovative Web3 builders, and now by collaborating with Google Cloud, they look to help these builders access the open, secure, and carbon neutral cloud infrastructure that’s required to amplify and scale their businesses.

Cloud computing giants seek to lure blockchain businesses

As NFTHi brought you the details regarding Google Cloud’s Web3 team in May, Amit Zavery, a vice president at Google Cloud, expressed that the goal of the team is to create the Google Cloud Platform the top preference for blockchain developers. 

You may find this useful, Alphabet is on top of the list of companies investing in blockchain

Early assignments assigned to the team include working on projects that will allow better management of blockchain nodes and researching blockchain data in third-party applications. 

Before then, Google’s cloud services already offered developers means to use in building blockchain networks with customers such as Dapper Labs, Thera Labs, and Hedera. The platform also formerly underwent an integration with Polygon to authorize developers to analyze on-chain data. But wait, it is not the only cloud computing giant observing the blockchain space. Last year, Amazon Web Services (AWS), the market-leading cloud computing platform, reported that it was hiring blockchain experts. 

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