Bella Hadid reveals teaser of her CY-B3LLA NFTs

Bella Hadid turned into a cyborg butterfly in a teaser for her next NFT collection, CY-B3LLA, which was made by the NFT minting platform reBASE.

Bell Hadid as Cyborg Butterfly

The body of a 5ft9-tall 25-year-old IMG Model was scanned in 3D to make 11,111 different 4K NFTs that will be displayed every week from July to September. These NFTs are scattered out over 10 real-world locations.

Fans who buy CY-B3LLA will also get tickets to the CY-B3R GALA, which will be held in person with Bella Hadid being there.

Hadid’s fascination with butterflies goes as far back as her 22nd birthday bash in 2018, which had a butterfly theme including winged insects garnishing her four-tiered cake.

Butterflies are a symbol of transformation. The half-Palestinian, half-Dutch beauty’s face has totally transformed since she experienced rhinoplasty at age 14, though she denied having any other cosmetic procedures.

Bella Hadid says that CY-B3LLA is a digital revolution that desires to bring people back together and is a party about high fashion, women in web3, and love that doesn’t rely on anything.

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CY-B3LLA wakes up in a Tokyo alley. Still and propped up against the wall is then brought back to life in a lab, where she says things like “a butterfly is so cute” and “I used to kill the titans.”

The description conveys, When CY-B3LLA #01 finds out she is not the main character, she is sad and then swears to become one. After she lit up, she moves to the CY-B3R GALA to prove herself. Fashion model is slowly parting ways from the fashion world and her acting debut in the third season of the highly ranked Hulu show Ramy is another sign that she is moving away from modeling.

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