BAYC lawsuit: Ryder Ripps reveals his Attorneys

Ryder Ripps and Pauly disclosed their attorneys representing them in the BAYC lawsuit. The duo has also been entangled in other NFT-related lawsuits, including Matt Furie’s Pepe case. Together, the team will continue their controversial NFT BAYC court lawsuit against Yuga Labs.

Who are Ryder Ripps’ attorneys for the case?


On July 13th, Ryder Ripps mentions in a tweet regarding his new lawyers who will represent both him and Pauly in the controversial BAYC lawsuit. The lead attorney is none other than Louis Tompros from the WilmerHale firm. Surprisingly, he had just represented Matt Furie, who made Pepe The Frog, in his NFT-related copyright cases. Tompros is a Harvard graduate with knowledge in deepfakes, copyright laws, and memes.

Tompros’ co-counsel in court will be Alfred Steiner from the Meister & Steiner firm. Steiner also graduated from Harvard and has over 20 years of experience in intellectual property and copyright niches.

Jointly, the two attorneys will defend Ryder Ripps and Pauly in their BAYC case against Yuga Labs.

BAYC vs Ryder Ripps: Why is Yuga Labs against Ryder Ripps’s NFT collection?

The Ryder Ripps RRBAYC NFT collection is part of Ripps’ standpoint against the original Bored Ape Yacht Club holders. Primarily, he has been minting BAYC collectibles under a new collection. Regardless, he uses the same Bored Ape characters for his protest against the OG BAYC which spooked controversy at that time.

Furthermore, Yuga Labs filed a lawsuit against Ryder Ripps for trademark infringement, unjust enrichment, and false advertising. To explain, Yuga Labs blamed Ripps for using their trademarks unethically.

As things stand, Ryder Ripps seems prepared to fight back with his two new attorneys.

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