BAYC Discord Server hacked, Hacker Steals 200 ETH Worth NFTs

A couple of days ago, The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) Discord server was hacked. The hacker manages to steal off with 200 ETH i.e. $360,000 worth of NFTs, as per Yuga Labs.

Details about the BAYC discord server hack


The hack took place after the project’s community manager, Boris Vagners  Discord account was compromised. The hacker operated the compromised account to post phishing links in both the official BAYC and its related metaverse project i.e. on Otherside’s Discord channels.

Information of the hack was first notified by Twitter user NFTherder, who also calculates that 145 ETH (around $260,000) was robbed along with the NFTs, tracing the stolen funds back to four separate wallets.

Yuga Labs later verified that the exploit occurred, in a tweet of its own, saying it is still vigorously investigating the incident. They did so after 11 hours of NFTHerder’s initial tweet.

Vagner ​​is even the manager of his brother, the Grammy-winning multi-instrumentalist Richard Vagner, who co-founded an NFT fantasy football club named Spoiled Banana Society (SPS) with Boris. The hacker also posted a phishing link on the SPS Discord channel. Although the message was thereon deleted, Richard stated.

In a discord message around 09:00, UTC Richard Vagner -“Hey @everyone we were hacked an hour ago hopefully no one clicked any links,”. He also claimed that they got back control of the discord and Boris’s account. In addition, he also noted that the hacker didn’t delete any servers.

Details if anyone in the SBS channel was affected by this hack are still fuzzy, though Richard has demanded information from the Discord members related to the attack.

Further, he also assured users that they will be getting all the tabs back up in the following days and also requested the audience to let them know if there was anything else the hacker messed with. 

The Vagners also run a record label anointed Metaverse Records. In the same SBS Discord message, Richard alone confirmed that the BAYC and Otherside Discords were also hacked.

“pls stay safe,” he wrote mentioning the incident.

Similar hack incidents

This is the third time a bad actor has been able to mimic a Yuga Labs-run account to steal users’ funds. The first was on April 1 when Mutant Ape Yacht Club #8662 was stolen via a phishing link posted on the project’s Discord, with the second one coming on April 25 after Bored Ape Yacht Club Instagram and Discord accounts publicized a fake link to an Otherside minting.

In recent weeks, American actor Seth Green became a notable example of the type of phishing schemes that run unhindered in the NFT sector. When someone scammed him out of his Bored Ape NFTs.

In response to the incident Saturday, one BAYC founder condemned Discord for the lapse in security.

“Discord isn’t working for Web 3 communities,” Gordon Goner expressed in a tweet and also emphasized that they need an adequate platform that puts security first.

Still, another crypto project founder accused users of compromising their wallets.

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