Azuki NFT Will  Launch into space by NASA and SpaceX 

Bobu the Bean Farmer is on his way to the space. The most recognizable figure from the Azuki NFT collection will go to the International Space Station with the SpaceX Crew-4 astronaut staff on April 23rd, encased in a Ledger hardware wallet. As part of the mission, NASA will also play a role.

Azuki NFT Bobu the Bean Farmer into Space

Thirty-one days will be spent “exploring” his interest in “intergalactic sake brewing” and other topics throughout the journey. The Azuki team recently tweeted, “One tiny step for farmers.” Beans make a huge jump.”

Bobu website mentions, that the trip is not just about getting attention. It will be used by Grand Canyon University’s STELLAR, a microgravity research group, to study the energy outputs and electrical properties of the Microbial Fuel Cell.

As a result, Bobu will be able to experience the benefits of space travel while also contributing to humanitarian research. The tour will undoubtedly enhance the Azuki NFT collection’s public image and further humanize Bobu.

In the Azuki community, he is already well-known for being the first large-scale test of decentralized IP governance. Earlier this year, the Azuki team split the NFT into 50,000 separate ownership shares, making it easier for investors to participate. Only 2,000 Bobu shares will go to the International Space Station, but those shares are worth $1 million.

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Azuki NFTs all Set to Compete for the NFT Title

Congratulations, If you predicted that Azuki NFTs would challenge the Bored Ape Yacht Club in January 2022. Though the project just launched a few months ago, the anime-style, skater-inspired imagery has already pushed it to the top of the list.

Some of Azuki’s most notable accomplishments are as follows:

  • The Azuki #9605 sold for $1.4 million, setting a new record for the collection.
  • An airdrop of dirt mounds with the potential to blossom into something useful.
  • The sixth-largest PFP collecting volume ever.

According to Twitter’s experts, the Azuki NFT collection may match the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s popularity. The imagery and stories that go along strike a different note than anything else we’ve seen before.

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