Finally! Azuki Announces The Details Of Beanz NFT Collection

The Azuki team finally reveals the contents of their surprise airdrop after a few weeks. The BEANZ collection is currently still evolving. What were once piles of dirt are now bean pods with tiny baby BEANZ popping out. Nonetheless, now we know what it will eventually evolve into, and it’s the cutest thing you will ever come across.

BEANZ NFT Collection

The BEANZ collection is an icon for the Azuki brand. It’s a sidekick to the Azuki journey. If you’re wondering if there is something familiar about the BEANZ, then yeah you’re right, they look EXACTLY like azuki beans! Or red mung beans depending on where you’re from.

Who would have thought that the mysterious beans would at long last turn into beans? The BEANZ collection now has a floor price of 4.75 ETH, with 24.1k ETH trading hands already.

The holders of this collection will receive access to a holders-only Discord channel. It will also have collectible drops and much more. But, ultimately, the Azuki holders will always be at the top of the food chain and have the best experiences in the garden.

These little creatures make noises to talk with each other. They also use various gestures and forms of graffiti to express themselves. As of now, they all look alike, but the team is hinting at something else. Maybe there will be different features or other observable differences in the near future, one can only guess, the surprises just keep on coming for the Azuki community.

In addition, it seems like the team has created these BEANZ as a perfect canvas for future collaborations with different artists. The possibilities are infinite, and the future looks bright for the Azuki community.


Toshi the Rule Breaker Credit: Azuki

The airdrop features two types of BEANZ, firstly, there’s Toshi and Secondly Gus. Toshi is like a spoiled nephew running around your house for no reason. This red BEANZ does not follow any instructions given to him. He paves his own way from the garden to the alley. He does not like to fight, but he will bite you if you try to tell him where he can and cannot skate.


Meet Gus Credit: Azuki

Gus or lens! We still don’t know what the blue BEANZ are called for sure. But we are sure as hell they’re no better than Toshi, and constantly getting into trouble. They love to piss Azuki’s off, so we’ll probably be seeing a lot of angry Azuki’s around the town.

The team is hinting that there will be more such collections coming to the Azuki universe. Evidently, there’s more to the collection than cheeky BEANZ hustling around causing trouble everywhere. let the speculation begin!

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