Axie Infinity chooses GeeTest CAPTCHA for Security

Popular in the blockchain-based play-2-earn game, Axie Infinity, has chosen the GeeTest CAPTCHA solution to preserve crypto assets’ security and fight mass online bot threats while improving user experience.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a game that rewards players with cryptocurrencies which is the first NFT series to reach $4 billion in sales volume and it steadily lured millions of individuals into Web3. The blockchain ecosystem is succeeding, embracing the great success that Axie Infinity produced. While being popular the P2E game also faces an increasingly growing number of online fraud threats. This is where GeeTest comes in. GeeTest CAPTCHA solution plays a crucial role in preserving crypto exchange security and mitigating bot attacks.

Why Axie Infinity is choosing GeeTest?

GeeTest has been dedicated to bringing advanced biometric data and AI-powered bot management technology to the global market and has inhabited Top1 market share in APAC and services with over 320,000 enterprises worldwide currently including Airbnb, Nike, HUAWEI, distill, Imperva, etc.

GeeTest has achieved very comprehensive coverage in the blockchain industry with over 20% of the Top 50 crypto exchanges that chose GeeTest to combat fraud attacks, including BINANCE, FTX, Poloniex, and, etc.

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Sky Mavis security team mentions that before GeeTest they used Google reCAPTCHA but had issues getting it to support all devices. Occasionally the CAPTCHA would not load on client devices stopping them from logging in. GeeTest has fixed this issue while preventing mass bot signup.

About GeeTest

GeeTest integrates biometric data and artificial intelligence technology to deliver the most intelligent and robust bot mitigation solution that frees websites, mobile apps, and APIs from malicious traffic, helping solve complex and changing security situations and devising a seamless experience for users.

Presently, GeeTest has operations around the world and cooperates with over 320,000 enterprises worldwide. In November 2022 GeeTest was identified as a selected vendor in Forrester’s Now Tech: Bot Management, Q4 2021. GeeTest is enthusiastic about solving bot problems in the smartest way.

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