Australia Zoo Joins Web3 With Meadow Labs & Algorand

Australia Zoo NFT Project

World-famous Australia Zoo has teamed up with Meadow Labs to create a unique Australian wildlife-themed NFT collection using Algorand’s carbon-negative blockchain technology.

Meadow Labs Excitement

Meadow labs Were excited to announce their partnership with Australia Zoo Pty Ltd and Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors to make NFTs that battle for an extremely important cause i.e. protecting our wildlife and wild places.

The announcement comes in for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors, 100% of primary profits will be contributed towards Australia Zoo and Wildlife Warriors conservation efforts.


Every NFT you buy helps them save lives while meeting the shared mission of protecting the planet.

Co-founder and CEO of Meadow Labs, Martin Kelly, expressed that they were really eager to partner with Australia Zoo in their first incursion into Web3 and their mission of fighting for the planet’s wildlife and wild places, one NFT at a time.

Further, he added that the move is a dazzling example of what innovative brands can achieve when they extend themselves up to the endless possibilities that Web3 has to offer.

This is just the start of a long-term partnership to create an “NFT for good” movement that builds on ensuring we all have an endurable future, concluded Kelly.

On teaming up with meadow labs, Robert Irwinof Australia Zoo said that  Australia Zoo is always open to new methods that can help continue their Wildlife Warriors mission. Any creation that can help their conservation efforts, particularly one that shares a common vision of protecting the planet, is something that they are delighted to support.

In addition, Robert emphasized that this green chain and new technology authorizes a new route to continue to fight for the protection of our wildlife and wild places.

About Meadow Labs

Meadow Labs is an Australian product-based agency that provides both sales strategy, PR services, and the technology needed to help brands and creators bring their NFT plans to life by adding another product or element to their business.

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