Wow, Artworks from NFT Artists Will Be Shown During The Montreux Jazz Festival 2022

Montreux Media Ventures will introduce a collection of NFTs on the OneOf platform. 

Montreux Jazz festival NFT Artwork Display

In celebration of the 2022 Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux Media Ventures will launch an NFT collection on the platform OneOf by Montreux Media Partners. On April 21, anybody could buy one of these incredibly detailed digital artefacts. You’ll also receive a free 2022 Montreux Jazz Festival NFT if you join up for OneOf before July 16, 2018. 

According to Montreux Media Ventures, the five NFTs for sale were reportedly created by pop artist Greg Guillemin. Although the 2022 Montreux Jazz Festival’s NFTs show various superstars, Guillemin’s posters also pay homage to past poster designs. 

Guillemin’s collection of NFTs will include 500 tokens, each of which will sell for $20. These NFTs may be purchased with a credit card or cryptocurrency by anybody having a OneOf account. At 9 p.m. C.E.T. on April 21, Montreux Media Ventures claims that minting will commence. 

However, the OneOf website offers collectors the chance to receive a free 2022 Montreux Jazz Festival NFT just for signing up. New OneOf users will get an NFT created by Camille Walala, a French artist, till the conclusion of the festival on July 16. 

Music-themed NFT collections are being considered in the future by Montreux Media Ventures. Photos, videos, and advertisements from past festivals may be included in these new NFTs. Swiss jazz festival organizers have also shown an interest in adopting NFTs to assist musicians in better monetizing their work and providing V.I.P. options for guests. 

Starting on July 1, this year’s Montreux Jazz Festival will continue until July 16. This year, John Legend, Van Morrison, and Diana Ross are among the festival’s headliner acts. 

NFTs Could Assist Musicians in Monetizing Their Work 

The Montreux Jazz Festival is keen on using NFT technology to assist performers in generating additional cash sources, as previously noted. NFT royalties, according to many others in the music business, have the potential to boost the income of artists. Even a few artists are trying with NFT tickets and V.I.P. passes to create more revenue and engage with their audience members. 

When You See Yourself as an NFT was published by the Kings of Leon in 2021, making history. First, according to Rolling Stone, the first time a professional recording artist provided their material in an NFT format. Rapper Snoop Dogg has now followed up with the release of his B.O.D.R. album as an NFT via Gala Games. Doggfather now aims to turn Death Row Records into a studio for NFT artists. 

A new NFT platform called Token||Traxx has also been found, which combines technologies like NFTs and cryptocurrencies to help new artists establish a following. A third of the team behind Token|Traxx has worked as managers for Adele and Beyoncé for a long time. 

NFTs are still in their infancy; therefore, it’s unclear whether this technology will change how recording artists get compensated. Even yet, it’s evident that more well-known artists, producers, and recording studios are taking an interest in Web3. 

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