Are NFTs an opportunity for aspiring artists to make money?

There are significant limitations to using non-fungible tokens to help artists make a living from their work by increasing their earnings and attracting new audiences.

Beeple’s NFT Art

The careless premise, an abundance of works made using enormous pixels, and many cartoonish series all contribute to fostering a taste for collecting rather than creating art. When non-fungible tokens, like Beeple and Pak, were popular and sold in record numbers, they attracted much attention from the media and the general public. Its backers often express the same hope: that these blockchain-based certificates of digital property ownership, which guarantee the authenticity and distinctiveness of a copy of a work, would help artists transcend poverty.

Art sociologist and University Paul-Valéry Montpellier-III professor Eric Villagordo feels that the “great failure of artists’ careers” is a fruitless goal. Because we share the romantic worldview of the charitable artist, “we wish to shut our eyes to this reality.” As it turns out, there are several tempting causes why NFTs might profit artists.

Digital works historically couldn’t showcase their uniqueness because of their disintegrated nature, which made them searchable and re-created at any moment. Those who have reaped the benefits of cryptocurrencies, especially active participants in the market, are willing to pay a premium for these works.

NFTs can make art more accessible to those who lack access to cryptocurrencies. To get a job, you don’t need to reside in one of the city’s most affluent neighbourhoods. Using Twitter, “the artists are just a few clicks away.” To learn more about NFTs, John Karp started the newsletter NFT Morning. Because “no matter what the artist’s interest is, they will always find thousands of others involved in the same issue,” NFTs were able to draw new audiences and generate new money.

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