Apple Hints Regarding Metaverse Headset Development

Apple Metaverse Headset

According to a report, Apple is working on a headgear that can access the metaverse. Apple’s board members are allegedly testing the “mixed-reality” wireless headgear, and industry analysts believe a product launch is soon.

Realityo Systems, LLC also applied for a patent for the title “RealityOS” with the US Patent & Trademark Office, according to investigators. Although Realityo doesn’t explicitly say so, they may be referring to a metaverse headset when they say “wearable.”

When it comes to registering patents, Apple has avoided attracting public attention by using “shell businesses” that are difficult to identify. Remarkably, Realityo Systems is based in the same building as Apple’s past shell firms.

According to several IT experts, a metaverse headset is expected to be unveiled by Apple this autumn. This would be Apple’s first new product since the Apple Watch if it were to happen.

According to Bloomberg, the speculated Apple headgear will include cameras mounted on the exterior. A high-definition augmented reality experience may be provided to consumers via these cameras.

Apple hasn’t confirmed it’s developing a metaverse headset; therefore, we don’t know how much it will cost. However, CNBC market experts estimate the initial iteration of Apple’s metaverse headset might retail for $3,000 per unit.

With Google, Apple has kept its distance from Web3 and the metaverse. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in early 2022 that the business was interested in upgrading its augmented reality services.

It’s a question of whether or not Mac can handle Meta

Every time a new VR or AR headset is announced, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, takes centre stage. Instead of focusing on consumer products like Apple and Google, Meta has made a name by developing cutting-edge metaverse technology such as the Oculus Rift.

With the vast bulk of VR/AR headsets now being sold by Meta, it might face substantial competition shortly. In addition to Apple, some other tech firms have shown an interest in creating high-quality metaverse experiences.

For example, the Taiwanese business marketed HTC’s VIVE VR headset as a “metaverse gadget” by the Taiwanese firm. This year, HTC teased the possibility of a new “metaverse phone” that would connect to the company’s “VIVERSE” network.

It also covered Sony’s Spatial Reality Display (SRD) tablet. Even though SRD is not a VR headset, it leverages powerful eye-tracking technology to give a metaverse-like experience without the need for headgear.

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