Apecoin Hits a High Of $18 On The 25th of April

It appears that ApeCoin would be a great digital currency to invest in if you want to make money in the future since it is now worth $18.


The currency is subject to extreme price volatility since it is an NFT money. It’s also a tempting option because of its low cost. ApeCoin is one of the most exciting cryptocurrencies on the market right now.

It’s crucial to recognize the cryptocurrency market’s volatility and risk. Nobody can predict the direction of crypto assets or any other traded asset, such as shares or bonds, with assurance.

Although, some experts have predicted how ApeCoin will perform in the coming years. According to a few crypto experts, the price of the coin is anticipated to rise by 450 percent by 2026. However, ApeCoin’s worth is expected to rise by less than 350 percent in 2022, reaching $75. 

Apecoin Drop-in Price

The BAYC Instagram hack had a significant impact on the price of the coin as it closed at $17.99 on 26th April. Just within a day, the price got reduced. The hacker managed to fetch some Ape NFTs which probably led to the drop in price.

However, as of today, it has recovered from the drop-in price and is back up with a 3.40% rise in the price. The Current price of Apecoin is $18.90 USD (at the time of writing). 

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