American Actor-comedian Martin Lawrence announces his Cardano-based NFTs

A couple of days back, American comedian and actor Martin Lawrence disclosed that he had traded the first NFT from his Cardano-powered “Martin: The Reunion” NFT collection for about 3,000 ADA tokens.

As you may recall, on June 7, Lawrence revealed during a conversation on Twitter Spaces with Patrick Tobler, Founder, and CEO of NFT-MAKER, and Charles Hoskinson, Co-Founder, and CEO of IO Global also known as “IOG”, formerly known as “IOHK”, the company accountable for Cardano’s research and development, that he was going to unleash a Cardano-powered NFT collection that will have 30 unique pieces.

Below are some key points of what Lawrence and Hoskinson said during this chat.

When and How Lawrence Got Into the Crypto world

A couple of years ago my team brought NFTs to my attention, says Lawrence.

Lawrence’s First thoughts on Cryptocurrencies and NFTs: “I want to learn more about them and That’s why I’m excited to partner with your company.“

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Hoskinson’s thoughts About How NFTs Have Evolved on Cardano

Hoskinson says that he did not anticipate Cardano to be a prominent player in the NFT space, at least in the early phases. It kind of caught them all by surprise. They worked indeed hard at trying to create great asset standards but didn’t expect to have NFTs be quite large, but then it was completely community-led. So, all these projects appeared out of nowhere, and about 40% of the 1000+ projects on Cardano are NFT-related, and there are over five million assets that have been allocated on Cardano, and the transaction volume is remarkable,  mentioned Hoskinson.

In addition, he also conveys that -There’s about $270 million worth of sales that are happening on a monthly basis when you look at this in the last three months on average. So, it’s an unplanned surprise, though in hindsight, it makes perfect sense. When you peek at the native asset standard, when you look at the eUTXO model, in particular, it makes it really easy to do an airdrop, it makes it really effortless and low-cost to issue things and manage these things that that are coming through. So, in hindsight, it does sort of make sense.

Why Martin Lawrence Finds NFTs Intriguing?

Martin thinks it’s interesting that people can have some in the metaverse that’s just for them.

Martin Lawrence’s special announcement will Be Soon for His Fans and the Cardano Community.

In collaboration, Lawrence is creating 30 unique exclusive, one-of-one NFTs, and has also lined up a special announcement which will be unveiled soon.

After this on the 10th of June, Lawrence publicized that his “Martin: The Reunion” NFT collection had gone on sale on his website martincnft and that holders of any of these 30 NFTs would be requested to attend June 15 the Hollywood premiere of “Martin: The Reunion”, which is arranged to air on Black Entertainment Television (BET) on January 16.

Here are some of the pieces from the “Martin: The Reunion” NFT collection:


These 30 NFTs have been designed by acknowledged artists known from Disney to Warner Brothers and to acclaimed artists from the NFT space.

Lawrence’s website clarifies that the exact time and location of the premiere party in LA, where holders of the NFTs will be able to hang out with him, will be disclosed to the buyers through an AirDrop message to their wallet on Tuesday 14th (tomorrow).

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