Alibaba Cloud releases an NFT solution, which is then immediately deleted

The infrastructure for “web hosting, digital marketing, and content distribution” is no longer included on the Alibaba company’s website, although still appears in Google search results.

Alibaba Group Holdings’ cloud business branch introduced a new nonfungible token (NFT) solution before swiftly removing any references to it from the internet.

An announcement on Twitter on Wednesday said that the firm’s NFT marketplace solution will comprise “web hosting, digital marketing, and content delivery” infrastructure, which has now been brought down.

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The NFT solution is no longer mentioned in any press releases or announcements on Alibaba’s website. It’s still showing up in Google search results but now leads to the Alibaba Cloud solution index page.


We don’t know why the company erased its social media postings and delisted itself from its website. While crypto trading and mining are illegal in China, regulators have yet to declare an outright ban on NFTs despite their disapproval.

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SCMP, which Alibaba owns, said that the solution was just for Alibaba Cloud’s foreign website and was aimed at clients outside of mainland China. A spokesman confirmed this to the outlet.

According to the SCMP, Alibaba-affiliated firms like Ant Group and Tencent Holdings have rebranded their listed NFTs as “digital collectibles” in the past to dodge regulatory scrutiny. Additionally, they’re available on private blockchains, where they’re sold and acquired using Chinese yuan.

Although Alibaba Cloud’s website lists a new metaverse-focused solution that includes remote rendering (along with data analytics and AI), the company’s proprietary Alibaba Cloud Blockchain (BaaS) still exists.

While Alibaba’s services may be used to build a metaverse that includes NFTs, the business does not supply any of the particular infrastructure needed to do so.

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