After Solana Polygon gears up for Web3 Smartphone adventure

Polygon has announced a collaboration with Nothing, the creator of Phone (1). The Ethereum scaling protocol’s technology will be integrated into Nothing’s first smartphone. While Polygon won’t be manufacturing its own smartphone, the collaboration strives to bring crypto and NFTs to a more extensive audience by allowing access to Web3 functionality. 

Polygon-Nothing Collaboration

Polygon and Nothing Web3 Smartphone Collaboration

The phone manufacturer Nothing, will be airdropping NFT tokens to its community investors. Anointed “Nothing Community Dots,” the membership program will allow members to access premier community content. Some special perks contain discounts on merchandise, entry into unique offline events, etc.

This is the first step of the collaborative endeavor, which comes ahead of the virtual launch of Nothing phone (1) slated for next week on the 12th of July.

The company suggests that this launch is scheduled to take the Nothing brand beyond consumer tech, making it one of the foremost in the sector to bridge real-world products with the rapid-growing Web3 space. In the future, the goal is to produce all of Nothing’s phone products and other ecosystem devices future-ready by sustaining endurable and secure access to Web3 applications.

In complement to apps and games on the Polygon platform, Nothing Phone (1) users will be able to easily access the network’s payments and future features, such as a proof-based identification solution, Polygon ID, etc. Polygon indicated that the end goal is to make all of Nothing’s phone products and different ecosystem devices “future-ready” by backing sustainable and secured access to Web 3 apps.

Diving Deeper into Blockchain-powered Smartphones

The idea of Blockchain smartphones has been around since 2018. In fact, the first surge of such products from giants like Samsung may not be a huge triumph, but players from the industry itself have redirected towards this concept. One such recent venture is Solana’s Saga.

Despite these initiatives, demand for blockchain smartphones has not actually taken off since the likes of HTC Exodus debuted. Solana’s pitch is not very far from its predecessors either.

Time will tell how this adventure of Polygon will pan out. Tweet us and share your views on this latest move from polygon. 

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