Abu Dhabi Launches Initiative to offer Free Crypto and Blockchain Domains to Women

Only 12% of individuals who work in blockchain are women. Read again, Twelve. Percent. 

As the Web3 era keeps expanding, corporations are probing opportunities to include gender diversity in the metaverse. Abu Dhabi took a gigantic step in this direction earlier this June.

Free Crypto Initiative in partnership with Unstoppable Domains

Free Crypto

The capital of the United Arab Emirates lately announced a partnership between Access Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO), and Unstoppable Domains to equip all-female residents with free crypto, blockchain domains, and NFTs.

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ADIO Acting Director Eng Abdulla Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi stressed the importance of extending gender diversity in Web3, expressing that, By supporting endeavors that invite and uplift women, we can champion diversity early in the Web3 era.

This initiative will offer women entire ownership over their data, compared to Web2 domains which are managed by third-party brokers.

The campaign was unveiled during a visit to Abu Dhabi by the “Unstoppable Women of Web3”, an organization committed to propelling diversity and education for women in the metaverse.

SVP of Unstoppable Domains and Founder of Unstoppable Women of Web3 Sandy Carter expressed excitement for the future of women in Web3 with this movement.

Carter mentioned that Providing free crypto, NFT, and blockchain domains to all women in Abu Dhabi is a power move that assures that women will be incorporated in increasing numbers within the fabric of the Web3 movement for generations to come.

This free crypto initiative will not only impact women currently living in Abu Dhabi, but ages to come as the city adopts inclusion in the virtual universe.

Residents can visit the Unstoppable Domains website to receive their free domain.

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