9Gags launches its NFT Project Named “Memeland”

9GAG drives memes to the meta as the community-generated comedy platform unleashes a teaser for their upcoming NFT collection Memeland. Established in 2008, the platform’s international audience of over 200 million comes packed with Web3 lovers. Regardless of, whether a meme lover or not, it offers its supporters perks that are sure to inspire buyers to opt-in.

9GAG’s NFT MemeLand


Those created in the realm of meme comedy can peek no further than 9GAG’s lavish honeypot of absurdly vicious content from each and every issue we humans face today. As what some would call an acquired taste, memes have incited every emotion a person can conjure. Now, fourteen years after its creation, 9GAG plans to move its community to the blockchain in a collection of 9,999 salty sea captains.

Along with their clever pirate crews, each holder can explore the “Broken Sea” in their exploration for riches and glory as they tackle the monsters that lurk beneath. Further, holders can benefit from complete access to an NFT marketplace, private clubs, and even real-life events. Not to mention premature access to the NFT projects and exclusive drops.

Memeland Distribution

As projects continually evolve, details and numbers can vary all the way up to the official mint time. Still, these are the allocation numbers of the 9GAG NFT collection.

  • 6,900 for allowlist winners from 9GAG and their associates
  • 3,000 for allowlist raffle winners
  • 99 MemeLand Treasury for future collaborations and marketing purposes

The founders say that no roadmap will be present at this time. They clarify that “there is not a road at sea”. While 9GAG tries to “over-deliver and under-promise,” some holders might find this technique unsettling, given particular cash and grab techniques.

While new to the NFT game, 9GAG is no small fish and plans to advance their Web3 developments through this collection. For this reason, 9GAG will obtain 6.9% of secondary sales to go towards funding processes and hiring new members to better the value for the community. Further details on Memeland.com

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